New and revised species of Colchicum (Colchicaceae) from the Balkan Peninsula

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:Persson, K.
Journal:Plant Systematics and Evolution

Three new species of Colchicum (Colchicaceae) are described (C. chimonanthum, C. rausii, C. confusum), all confined to Greece. The first one flowers in very early spring, the other two are autumn-flowering with hysteranthous leaves appearing in the spring. Revisions are included of two other autumn-flowering species (C. haynaldii and C. autumnale) which are geographically over-lapping with and may be confused with C, confusum. Synonym lists, typifications, chromosome numbers, and notes on differences from other species, phenology, vegetative reproduction, phytogeography and ecology are provided for all.

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